Although I am not a professional photographer, it has always been a hobby of mine but has only fully started pursuing it during summer 2018 when I bought my first semi-professional camera. After much experimenting and trying to find my own photography style, I now find a passion for urban and food photography or generally immovable objects. Why? Because these objects never complain or become impatient.

Apart from wishing to share my favorite pictures with you and hoping that you will enjoy them as much as I do, many photos have been taken without a deeper intention or meaning. Sometimes I found the pure esthetic fascinating. However, instead of leaving them uncommented, I have decided to write small, informative texts underneath them. Some may have more historic content to them whilst others are recommendations and sometimes they are a mixture of both.


Living twenty minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport, one of Europe’s largest and very central, the world is at my doorstep. I have been traveling since I was a few months old and have visited many astonishing places mainly in Western Europe. However, I have always wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean and in 2014 my dream finally came true when I had the opportunity of visiting Argentina. It was an awe-inspiring trip with unforgettable memories. Five years later I was presented with the chance of studying one semester at a university in North Carolina, USA, thereby fulfilling a childhood dream. These few months have enriched me culturally and are an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Traveling and exploring have always been part of my nature I cannot imagine pausing for too long. It enriches you physically and mentally and provides you with memories, stories, and experiences. Through my blog, I would like to reveal the world to you through my eyes and let you discover beauty and joy in the simple things in life.


Born in Germany´s diverse capital Berlin, raised by a Spanish mother and a European father, I have become a twenty-year-old, multi-lingual and very inquisitive girl. I feel very privileged to have been brought up in a carefree atmosphere in a beautiful town near the financial hub of Frankfurt am Main. After my school years, I started studying International Event Management at university and am now in my last year. Apart from emphasizing the importance of knowledge, my parents have always valued gastronomy. Therefore, tasting mouth-watering food from different cultures has always been part of my cultural upbringing and one which remains my constant companion. Having a Spanish mother, I especially enjoy the Mediterranean diet with which she always conjures delicious and nutritious food.


So already from these few words you are hopefully able to begin to piece me together 🙂