Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

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Traveling to Brussels

During the Easter Holidays of 2022, I decided to explore the city of Brussels as it is only a few hours away from Frankfurt. As I wanted to spend as little money as possible on the transportation costs, taking the bus was my best option. My two-way ticket was 55€ which is a huge difference comparing it to a train or flight ticket. However, it does take significantly longer as the bus makes many stops and is very reliant on traffic. Driving to Brussels took at least 8 hours as we unfortunately got stuck in traffic but luckily I was well prepared and had taken enough work with me to finish on the ride.

If you want to spend little on transportation costs and do not mind sitting on the bus for a few hours, then this is your cheapest option. In Germany there are two popular sites where you can buy tickets – FlixBus and BlaBlaBus.

First Impressions of Brussels

I arrived at around 4 p.m. at Bruxelles Nord which is one of the 3 main stations in Brussels located in the north of the city. From there one can take the train, a bus or a taxi to the city centre or you can walk to your destination just like I did.

As I went to Brussels to visit a good friend of mine, we walked to his apartment and passed many old, new, ugly and beautiful buildings. Brussels is a real mixture as it has so many different architectural style buildings which makes the city extremely unique.

Wanting to keep expenses to a minimum the first thing we did was going grocery shopping for the weekend. He had warned me about the expensive prices and because of inflation the grocery costs increased but I was astonished by the bill either way.

After the little shopping trip we had to walk to the city center right away and enjoy the city during nightfall. 

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Best Places to visit in Brussels

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Arc de Triumph and Parc du Cinquantenaire

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