How to make a Long Distance Relationship work?

Long Distance Relationship advice

11 Things to do in a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship is not always easy. Your parents may not approve of it, your friends do not support you or your relatives just do not understand why you are in a relationship with a person who does not live close to you. After all you are in a relationship with someone because you want to spend time with them and enjoy their company more than any other.

Although it is a common belief that long distance relationships are doomed to fail right from the beginning, this does not necessarily have to be true. Partners need to be prepared to invest time into their relationship and fully trust each other. Once this is guaranteed chances are high that the relationship will last and prosper. It is not easy but if both parties work together and have common goals the situation becomes bearable.

Luckily, the digital age has made long distance relationships much easier. Now, you can text your partner at any time of day and receive an answer within seconds. You can also call your partner at any time and listen to their voice or even see them on a video call. Lovers can choose from a wide variety of video call apps. FaceTime and Skype are wonderful tools for staying connected with your partner. 

However, just talking can become dull. Especially, if you are facing several months of separation. Unfortunately, COVID-19 increases the uncertainty of not knowing when you will be able to see each other again. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to create memories and find activities in order to stay connected.

My partner and I have experienced a long distance relationship for several months and have had to become very creative at times. We found many things we were able to do in a long distance relationship. 

Here are 11 things you can try out with your partner to make your long distance relationship last.

1. Play Video Games

Gaming can enhance your relationship in an unexpected way. As you are constantly interacting with each other, you create a bond through the joint experience. Luckily, there are various types of video game genres and the chance of finding a game you both enjoy is high.


illustration of a couple playing video games
Play online games in your long distance relationship.

2. Play VR games together

Playing Virtual Reality with your partner takes your relationship to a new level. It offers many games and it is very interactive. Once you possess an Oculus Quest 2 an entirely new world is open for you to explore together. You can play many games such as Online Multiplayer Games (VR Chat) or you can play against each other with Beat Saber. Whilst playing your relationship does not seem so long distance anymore. 

3. Play “Board Games” or “Card Games”

However, if video games are not your favorite thing, why not try and play a virtual board or card game? There are endless possibilities and websites you can choose from. I recommend playing classics such as “Scrabble“, “UNO” or “Chess“.


Play games with your long distance relationship.

4. Read a Book

Whilst skyping you are forced to constantly look at a screen which can gradually become tiring. Therefore, you may wish to return to analog by reading a book to each other. As with video games, there are so many different genres you can choose and the likelihood of finding a book that interests you both are high. This way you can also improve your reading skills and learn new vocabulary as a valuable side-effect.


Young People Spend Free Time Together. Couple of Woman and Man Sitting on Sofa at Home Reading Books, Love and Loving Relations Leisure, Weekend, Relaxed Spare Time Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Read a book together with your partner

5. Learn a New Skill/Language

Why not acquire a new shared skill with your partner in order to strengthen your relationship? The World Wide Web offers countless possibilities and websites such as “Skillshare” or “Babbel” where you can learn new skills or languages. Maybe you will even discover a hidden talent!


Learn a new skills with your partner in your long distance relationship.

6. Online Fitness

Everybody knows how difficult it can be to motivate oneself to train, especially during COVID-19. Nevertheless, it is important to stay healthy and if you cannot motivate yourself ask your partner to either train you, i.e. become your personal trainer or ask him/her to join you. Either way, it will be a fun activity from which you will both benefit.


Online Fintes
Not only stregthen your long distance relationship but also motivate each other to become more healthy and live and active lifestyle.

7. Watch Movies/Series

An all-time favorite is watching a movie or a series together. Luckily, there are so many streaming platforms on the internet that it is easy to find something you both enjoy. However, it is not easy to always stay synchronized whilst watching. Having a VR headset helps to overcome this issue easily. The Oculus Quest supports streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. With this device you can fully enjoy the movie or series with your partner without having to worry about anything. 


Streaming online
Stream and watch your favourite movies in your long distance relationship.

8. Buy each other gifts

Being romantic may become increasingly difficult but even through Skype, you can pay close attention to your partner’s wishes and needs. Maybe your partner uttered in a side sentence that he misses a certain candy from your country or he recently complained about not having enough socks. This is a perfect opportunity to make his face light up by surprising him with a gift.

9. “Go for a Walk”

  1. We are lucky to live in the 21st century where everybody possesses a smartphone with internet access. So let us make appropriate use of it! Even though you are not physically able to go on a walk with your partner why not call him whilst you are strolling around town?
Make your long distance relationship interactive.

10. Virtual Date Night

Even in non-long distance relationships having date nights are essential to keeping the spark alive, so why sacrifice these special nights? Choose a day that suits both and come up with fun things to do during your date. This can range from cooking or baking to “visiting” a museum or festival “together”.

Online Dating
Online Dates in Long Distance Relationships

11. Be naughty

Sexual tension is undoubtedly one of the most important things between couples. It is like a glue that keeps both parties from drifting apart. Not only is sex a biological need but also an emotional. You can keep the flames burning by sending each other teasing texts or filled with sexual innuendos and provocative descriptions. However, if both desire more, why not buy each other toys to discover a whole new world of pleasure?


Although long distance relationship can be very hard at times there are many things you can do togehter. I hope that these ideas will help you bridge your time even though you might be miles apart. However, if you ever feel sad just remind yourself why you are doing it and view it as an opportunity that strengthens your relationship immensely.



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